Communication between people has been a fundamental need since ancient times. Humans, as social beings, used language as an instrument to enter into political and economic transactions, exchange views, fulfill their needs and enjoy themselves, etc.

Eventually, the minimization of distance, the advances in communications, the need to expand markets and the direct transmission of knowledge through the Internet in the most recent years, made necessary the knowledge of at least one foreign language, basically the English language, in our country.

As a global language, English has gained an international status in communication. As a prerequisite for any kind of transaction in commerce and technology, with the latter progressing rapidly, the English language plays a very important part in the interaction among people of different origins. As Information Technology moves forward at a rapid pace, it is crucial for each one of us to acquire the basic communicative skills in English, helping us not only in our personal development, but also in advancing our professional capabilities. Today, to speak a foreign language is for many young people a precondition for employment.

The Centre of Foreign Languages and Physical Education has many courses in each department, providing students with all the language skills that are necessary for reviewing foreign literature, searching for information on databases and journals, visiting other relevant Institutions abroad, communicating with students of foreign Institutions and international students visiting the Kavala Institute of Technology.

In accordance with Law 2916/11-6-01 governing their organization, Centres of Foreign Languages and Physical Education are run by one Director and a three-member Council. The duration of the Director’s term of office is three years and that of the Council members, one year. The centres employ personnel covering the needs of the Departments in foreign language and physical education instructors.

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